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The Understands · Aljezur BTT Team
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This is the epic story of a group of friends (old, young, men, women, Portuguese, foreigners ...) with a common passion: mountain biking. Not the classic MTB, but something much more alternative, unusual, less conventional and extreme. Something we call BTMMTT (Bicycle all the terrain, BUT REALLY all the terrain). For about ten years we created the fame of crazy people (healthy crazy people) and, with the bicycle (on top of this or with this one on top), we traveled the most stunning and unknown trails on the Portuguese SW. There is no mud, sand, cliffs, brushwoods, gorse fields, streams (full of water or full of rocks) where we have not passed in search of our very own “holy grail”: the perfect trail. As we have not yet found it, we continue this intense search under the faithful doctrine of our 10 commandments.

One of these commandments states that these adventures of BTMMTT are not for everyone. Many are those who only try it once, declining any future invitation to a new BTMMTT session with THE UNDERSTANDS. There is a natural selection that is made by the simple fact that not all, and with due legitimacy, are ruled by the old saying “no pain, no gain”.

The name THE UNDERSTANDS is a very willing “translation” into English of this seafood so iconic in the region (OS PERCEBES). This seafood, like this group of friends, has something alien about it.